Commit 18e2236b authored by Michal Malý's avatar Michal Malý Committed by Elvis Angelaccio

Display the error message in warning dialog

Summary: Display proper error message in the warning dialog. This is likely to require translation updates.

Reviewers: elvisangelaccio

Reviewed By: elvisangelaccio

Differential Revision:
parent 9307eb0f
......@@ -33,11 +33,10 @@
#include <pwd.h>
#include <grp.h>
#include "kio_smb.h"
#include "kio_smb_internal.h"
#include <KLocalizedString>
#include <KIO/Job>
using namespace KIO;
......@@ -287,8 +286,9 @@ void SMBSlave::reportError(const SMBUrl& url, const int errNum)
void SMBSlave::reportWarning(const SMBUrl& url, const int errNum)
const SMBError smbErr = errnumToKioError(url, errNum);
const QString errorString = buildErrorString(smbErr.kioErrorId, smbErr.errorString);
warning(i18n("Error %1 while browsing: %2", errNum, url.url()));
warning(xi18n("Error occurred while trying to access %1<nl/>%2", url.url(), errorString));
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