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Restore comment from desktop file as docstring to class

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......@@ -187,6 +187,20 @@ private:
QHash<QString, Notifier *> m_watches; // watcher is parent of procs
In the json metadata we set:
Because we need this module loaded all the time, lazy loading on worker use wouldn't
be sufficient as the kdirnotify signal is already out by the time the worker
is initalized so the first opened dir wouldn't be watched then.
It'd be better if we had a general monitor module that workers can register
with. The monitor would then listen to kdirnotify and check the schemes
to decide which watcher to load, and then simply forward the call to the watcher
in-process. Would also save us from having to connect to dbus in every watcher.
class SMBWatcherModule : public KDEDModule
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