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mtp: add a bunch of todos for filetype mapping improvements

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......@@ -55,6 +55,11 @@ static LIBMTP_filetype_t getFiletype(const QString &filename)
const QString ptype = filename.split(QLatin1Char('.')).last();
// TODO: use QMimeDatabase and query the mimetype from there (still from the extension presumably)
// TODO: merge the mime mapping tables from this function and the reverse function
// TODO: map video/* and text/* and audio/* to the generic types (e.g. LIBMTP_FILETYPE_UNDEF_VIDEO) when not otherwise mapped
// (NOTE: from glancing at the libmtp code mapping a file type isn't actually all that useful TBH, it only appears used when
// no destination folder was given?)
/* This need to be kept constantly updated as new file types arrive. */
if (ptype == QLatin1String("wav")) {
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