Commit 75a3723c authored by Nathaniel Graham's avatar Nathaniel Graham

Depend on KIO::PreviewJob::defaultPlugins() and KF 5.40

Summary: master now has KF 5.40, so require that and always use KIO::PreviewJob::defaultPlugins(), which lets us get rid of some unnecessary code

Test Plan: Tested in KDE Neon. Compiles and deploys fine.

Reviewers: #frameworks, broulik, elvisangelaccio

Reviewed By: elvisangelaccio

Differential Revision:
parent da0de1e6
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ project(kio-extras VERSION ${KDE_APPLICATIONS_VERSION})
set(QT_MIN_VERSION "5.5.0")
set(KF5_MIN_VERSION "5.3.0")
set(KF5_MIN_VERSION "5.40.0")
find_package(Qt5 ${QT_MIN_VERSION} CONFIG REQUIRED COMPONENTS DBus Network Widgets Svg)
find_package(Qt5Test ${QT_MIN_VERSION} CONFIG QUIET)
......@@ -663,14 +663,7 @@ bool ThumbnailProtocol::createSubThumbnail(QImage& thumbnail, const QString& fil
if (m_enabledPlugins.isEmpty()) {
const KConfigGroup globalConfig(KSharedConfig::openConfig(), "PreviewSettings");
m_enabledPlugins = globalConfig.readEntry("Plugins", KIO::PreviewJob::defaultPlugins());
// We don't have KF5.40 yet; emulate the behavior of KIO::PreviewJob::defaultPlugins()
QStringList defaultPlugins = KIO::PreviewJob::availablePlugins();
m_enabledPlugins = globalConfig.readEntry("Plugins", defaultPlugins);
const QMimeDatabase db;
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