Commit 935e8f6a authored by Harald Sitter's avatar Harald Sitter 🌈
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Merge branch 'release/20.04'

parents 02b56633 457ee4d5
......@@ -234,8 +234,8 @@ QUrl SMBSlave::checkURL(const QUrl &kurl_) const
// NB: smbc has no way to resolve a name without also triggering auth etc.: we must
// rely on the system's ability to resolve DNSSD for this check.
const QLatin1String wsdSuffix(".kio-discovery-wsd");
if ( {
QString host =;
if ( {
QString host =;
const QString dnssd(host + ".local");
auto dnssdHost = QHostInfo::fromName(dnssd);
......@@ -357,7 +357,13 @@ SMBSlave::SMBError SMBSlave::errnumToKioError(const SMBUrl &url, const int errNu
"unsure about that - you can send it privately to the developers "
"if they ask for it)")};
return SMBError {ERR_INTERNAL, i18n("Unknown error condition in stat: %1", QString::fromLocal8Bit(strerror(errNum)))};
return SMBError {
// errnum is glued in to not break string freeze in 20.04
i18n("Unknown error condition in stat: %1",
QString("[%1] %2").arg(QString::number(errNum),
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