Commit a126e22f authored by Martin Tobias Holmedahl Sandsmark's avatar Martin Tobias Holmedahl Sandsmark Committed by Harald Sitter
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Unset SESSION_MANAGER instead of setting it to an empty variable

The Qt X11 integration checks if the variable set, not whether it is
empty, so we need to unset it to avoid a warning about failing to
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......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ extern "C" Q_DECL_EXPORT int kdemain( int argc, char **argv )
// so it for example wouldn't reply to ksmserver - on the other
// hand, this slave uses QPixmaps for some reason, and they
// need QGuiApplication
// Some thumbnail plugins use QWidget classes for the rendering,
// so use QApplication here, not just QGuiApplication
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