Commit bdf9ddc7 authored by Fabian Vogt's avatar Fabian Vogt
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fish: Fix STAT /

KIO::stat("fish://localhost") returned a "regular file" with a MIME type of
"inode/directory". This is because it did chdir("/") and then lstat("").
Fix this by using "." instead of an empty string in that case.
parent 8028db6d
......@@ -223,6 +223,7 @@ sub list {
my $cwd = getcwd();
chdir($dn) || do { print "### 500 $!\n"; return; };
foreach (@entries) {
$_ = '.' if (!length($_));
my $link = readlink;
my ($mode,$uid,$gid,$size,$mtime) = (lstat)[2,4,5,7,9];
print filetype($mode,$link,$uid,$gid);
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