Commit d7bff8a4 authored by Jonathan Marten's avatar Jonathan Marten
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man ioslave: Improve wording of messages displayed by outputError()

parent 8a17173b
......@@ -479,13 +479,15 @@ void MANProtocol::get(const QUrl &url)
if (foundPages.isEmpty())
// TODO: improve wording
outputError(i18n("No man page matching to %1 found.<br /><br />"
"Check that you have not mistyped the name of the page that you want.<br />"
"Check that you have typed the name using the correct upper and lower case characters.<br />"
"If everything looks correct, then you may need to improve the search path "
"for man pages; either using the environment variable MANPATH or using a matching file "
"in the /etc directory.", title.toHtmlEscaped()));
outputError(xi18nc("@info", "No man page matching <resource>%1</resource> could be found."
"Check that you have not mistyped the name of the page, "
"and note that man page names are case sensitive."
"If the name is correct, then you may need to extend the search path "
"for man pages, either using the <envar>MANPATH</envar> environment "
"variable or a configuration file in the <filename>/etc</filename> "
"directory.", title.toHtmlEscaped()));
// TODO: call error(KIO::SLAVE_DEFINED, QString()) in outputError()
// and not finished() here
......@@ -525,9 +527,10 @@ void MANProtocol::get(const QUrl &url)
const char *buf = readManPage(filename);
if (buf==nullptr)
outputError(i18n("Open of %1 failed.", title));
outputError(xi18nc("@info", "The man page <filename>%1</filename> was found, "
"but it could not be read or parsed.", title));
// will call output_real
......@@ -595,10 +598,13 @@ char *MANProtocol::readManPage(const char *_filename)
const QStringList entries = mandir.entryList();
if (entries.isEmpty())
outputError(i18n("The specified man page referenced another page '%1',<br />"
"but the referenced page '%2' could not be found.",
QDir::cleanPath(lastdir + '/' + nameFilter)));
outputError(xi18nc("@info", "The specified man page references "
"another page <filename>%1</filename>,"
"but the referenced page <filename>%2</filename> "
"could not be found.",
QDir::cleanPath(lastdir + '/' + nameFilter)));
return 0;
......@@ -1422,7 +1428,9 @@ void MANProtocol::getProgramPath()
/* Cannot find sgml2roff program: */
outputError(i18n("Could not find the sgml2roff program on your system. Please install it, if necessary, and extend the search path by adjusting the environment variable PATH before starting KDE."));
outputError(xi18nc("@info", "Could not find the <command>sgml2roff</command> program on your system. "
"Please install it if necessary, and ensure that it can be found using "
"the environment variable <envar>PATH</envar>."));
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