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    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      smb-notifier: do not send remove events on moving files · 5abd1e8e
      Harald Sitter authored
      windows (but not samba interestingly) will send a REMOVE event before
      the actual MOVE event this would mess with kio's dirlister's internal
      state as it'd remove the file from the model and then never try to learn
      about it again when it receives the move event. effectively this would
      remove a file from the view in dolphin when renaming it as now both the
      old name and the new name aren't in the dirlister model anymore.
      to prevent this from happening a similar hack is applied to the event
      order as with move merging.
      when a remove arrives it's not immediately emitted but queued for up to
      1000ms if a move event also arrives during that time frame the remove is
      entirely discarded and we are left with only the move.
      if any other event arrives the remove is immediately sent.
      if nothing else arrives the timer runs out and the remove is sent.
      so worst case a remove is only represented in the GUI after 1s, best
      case it's more or less same as before with the added benefit that
      renaming doesn't make files disappear
      CCBUG: 430585
    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      smb: do not assume rename files are different based on name · ed0a8e90
      Harald Sitter authored
      samba is transparently supporting case sensitivity/insensitivity based
      on server capabilities so 'A' and 'a' may be the same file or not. To
      that end when a rename operation would change the capitalization of a
      file we need to do some extra work to figure out if that renaming would
      constitute an overwrite or not. Specifically we'll need to stat the
      source file and then compare the inode and device returned by libsmb to
      figure out if they are the same file. If they are then this is an
      in-place rename, not an overwrite and we'll skip over the error
      conditions to do with the dst file already existing
      BUG: 430585
    • Ivan Čukić's avatar
      Remove KActivities DBUS string macro magic · e0d633c8
      Ivan Čukić authored
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    • Stefan Brüns's avatar
      [Thumbnail] Skip potentially slow thumb generation for symlinks · b44af142
      Stefan Brüns authored
      The calling code in kio already checks if the directory itself is on a
      slow (e.g. network) filesystem, but following symlinks inside it subverts
      this check.
      Skipping thumbnails has the effect of prefering plain files instead of
      symlinks. This still gives a good approximation of the directory contents
      (and even a better one if the symlinks point to files in the same
      directory, as duplicates are avoided).
  22. 25 Feb, 2021 1 commit
    • Fabian Vogt's avatar
      fish: Fix STAT / · bdf9ddc7
      Fabian Vogt authored
      KIO::stat("fish://localhost") returned a "regular file" with a MIME type of
      "inode/directory". This is because it did chdir("/") and then lstat("").
      Fix this by using "." instead of an empty string in that case.
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