1. 13 Aug, 2016 1 commit
  2. 10 Aug, 2016 2 commits
    • Elvis Angelaccio's avatar
      Remove wrong check when renaming top-level items · 8231017c
      Elvis Angelaccio authored
      There is no reason why we should prevent renaming of items whose path
      components are less then 3 (= top-level items, e.g. foo@gmail.com/bar.txt).
      This really looks like a typo, as it should have been 'srcPathComps.size() < 2)'
      like we already do in other places.
      However, at this point we already know that 'srcPathCompos.size() > 1',
      so we can just remove this if().
    • Elvis Angelaccio's avatar
      Improve debug output · 5fed5f94
      Elvis Angelaccio authored
  3. 09 Aug, 2016 2 commits
  4. 06 Jun, 2016 2 commits
  5. 03 Jun, 2016 1 commit
    • Elvis Angelaccio's avatar
      Switch to JSON · 7ba3c7b5
      Elvis Angelaccio authored
      JSON file generated by protocoltojson.
      The KIOPluginForMetaData wrapper class is required to embed the JSON metadata
      in the plugin. This is what some of the main kioslaves do.
  6. 09 Feb, 2016 2 commits
  7. 08 Feb, 2016 1 commit
  8. 07 Feb, 2016 9 commits
  9. 25 Aug, 2014 8 commits
    • Daniel Vrátil's avatar
      Put: handle updating of existing files · e2b6d98e
      Daniel Vrátil authored
      So far the only way how to detect whether we are uploading a new file, or updating
      an existing one is to check, whether the given URL has the "id" query item. Without
      it, we cannot identify the existing remote file.
    • Daniel Vrátil's avatar
    • Daniel Vrátil's avatar
      Put: close the temp file before passing it to KGAPI · c24c7408
      Daniel Vrátil authored
      Very small files won't get flushed after write, so FileCreateJob will just find
      an empty file, even though we have written data in there. This confuses KGAPI :)
    • Daniel Vrátil's avatar
      Stat: return ERR_DOES_NOT_EXIST for trashed files · 52d06ad1
      Daniel Vrátil authored
      In case someone stats a file we have just deleted (trashed), make it look like the
      file is actually gone.
    • Daniel Vrátil's avatar
    • Daniel Vrátil's avatar
      A little hack to uniquely identify files · ef62d544
      Daniel Vrátil authored
      For each files we append ?id=%GDRIVE_UID% query item to UDS_URL attribute.
      Users still see the pretty filenames everywhere, but we can easily identify
      the files now. We will still fallback to using PathCache and recursive server
      queries in case the id query is missing - either we got some URL copied from
      somewhere, or we are working with folders.
      The reason this does not work with folders is that folder cannot have query
      item, so KIO converts the URL to gdrive://acount/some/folder/?id=XYZ - it
      creates an empty file/folder, which then breaks cdup (and some other things).
    • Daniel Vrátil's avatar
      RUN_KGAPI_JOB: Improve debug · cbcee7b4
      Daniel Vrátil authored
    • Daniel Vrátil's avatar
      Implement user-friendly names in URL using PathCache · 5e017571
      Daniel Vrátil authored
      This is kinda magic: we use the user-visible names (display names) in path
      and once we get the URL with this patch, we try to map it back to GDrive
      UIDs using the PatchCache and falling back to recursively resolving UIDs
      via FileFetchJob's Search functinality.
      Opening/listing still seems to be pretty fast, so yay for us!
      The only thing that currently does not work is opening of files that we
      have converted from Google Documents format, because we have manually
      changed their extension (added .odt, .png , ...) so obviously the names no
      longer map to anything on the server and so the FileFetchJob search fails
      to resolve the UID. I'm not sure if there's any way to solve it other than
      stop appending custom filename extensions to the converted files.
  10. 22 Aug, 2014 8 commits
  11. 21 Aug, 2014 4 commits