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    Port and update the Konqueror settings · 818eb665
    Jonathan Marten authored
    kDebug(), qDebug() -> qCDebug() with logging category
    No need to link with KDELibs4Support
    Use Qt5 signal connection syntax
    Remove konq/kcustommenueditor.*, no longer used and needs Qt3Support
    Convert deprecated What's This -> tool tips
    Remove konqhtml/pluginopts.* and associated, Netscape plugins not supported since KDE3
    Remove konqhtml/khttpoptdlg.*, no longer supported or accessible from GUI
    KDialog -> QDialog
    QObject::blockSignals() -> QSignalBlocker
    KCModule::changed() -> markAsChanged()
    Make the adblock import/export help appear again
    KFileDialog -> QFileDialog
    KIntSpinBox -> QSpinBox
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