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    Add support for full screen web pages · bc3a0717
    Stefano Crocco authored
    Konqueror already has a full screen mode where the menu bar and the
    title bar are hidden and the window takes all the space in the screen.
    However, this isn't enough as some web pages (for example when those
    playing a video) now expect a full screen mode (which I call complete
    full screen) where an element of the page, and not just the window,
    takes all the screen.
    To achieve this kind of full screen, it's necessary to hide not only the
    menu bar and the title bar, but also the status bar, the tab bar and the
    tool bars. In theory, also the side bar and the terminal emulator should
    be hidden, but this commit doesn't to that.
    When switching to a different tab, the complete full screen mode is
    automatically exited (because it's strictly related to the contents
    of the page). Complete full screen mode is NOT entered again
    automatically when switching back to the previous page. This is
    consistent with the behavior of other browsers such as Chrome or
    If Konqueror is exited while in complete full screen mode, its main
    window settings are not saved.
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