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    Fix a bug causing being unable to overwrite existing cached data · c740a8ed
    Stefano Crocco authored
    This bug has been introduced by changing
    WebEngineWallet::WebEngineWalletPrivate::saveDataToCache so that it
    doesn't delete entries in pendingSaveRequests anymore but leaves this
    task to its caller. However, the caller can't know whether the data has
    actually been saved or whether the saveFormDataRequested signal has been
    emitted because the user needs to decide what to do. As a consequence,
    the entry in pendingSaveRequests will always be removed, so that when
    the user decides to save it, it won't be there anymore.
    To avoid this issue, saveDataToCache now returns a bool telling whether
    the data has been saved (and the entry must be remvoed) or not.
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