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Add back the View Mode menu

Since KPluginMetaData provides no replacement for KService::actions,
implementing this menu for parts providing more than one view mode (in
particular, dolphinpart) is problematic. For now, we assume that such
parts provide a separate .desktop file and that its name is stored in an
"actionFile" entry of the plugin metadata. This file must have all the
action-related content of the old part .desktop file, organized in the
same way.

TODO: currently, it's assumed that the .desktop file containing the
actions is stored in Qt::StandardPaths::DataLocation and that the
"actionFile" entry in the plugin metadata contains the path of the file
relative to that directory. Find out whether this is correct
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......@@ -4682,8 +4682,8 @@ void KonqMainWindow::updateOpenWithActions()
void KonqMainWindow::updateViewModeActions()
Q_FOREACH (QAction *action, m_viewModesGroup->actions()) {
Q_FOREACH (QWidget *w, action->associatedWidgets()) {
for (QAction *action : m_viewModesGroup->actions()) {
for (QWidget *w : action->associatedWidgets()) {
delete action;
......@@ -4699,54 +4699,51 @@ void KonqMainWindow::updateViewModeActions()
//TODO port away from query: find out how to replace all of this, since I don't think that KPluginMetaData provides
//something like KService::actions
#if 0
m_viewModeMenu = new KActionMenu(i18nc("@action:inmenu View", "&View Mode"), this);
//actionCollection()->addAction( "viewModeMenu", m_viewModeMenu );
KService::List::ConstIterator it = services.constBegin();
const KService::List::ConstIterator end = services.constEnd();
for (; it != end; ++it) {
const KService::Ptr service = *it;
const QString desktopEntryName = service->desktopEntryName();
bool bIsCurrentView = desktopEntryName == m_currentView->service()->desktopEntryName();
const QList<KServiceAction> actions = service->actions();
if (!actions.isEmpty()) {
// The service provides several view modes, like DolphinPart
// -> create one action per view mode
Q_FOREACH (const KServiceAction &serviceAction, actions) {
// Create a KToggleAction for each view mode, and plug it into the menu
KToggleAction *action = new KToggleAction(QIcon::fromTheme(serviceAction.icon()), serviceAction.text(), this);
//actionCollection()->addAction(desktopEntryName /*not unique!*/, action);
action->setObjectName(desktopEntryName + QLatin1String("-viewmode"));
actionCollection()->addAction( "viewModeMenu", m_viewModeMenu );
for (const KPluginMetaData & md : services) {
const QString id = md.pluginId();
bool isCurrentView = id == m_currentView->service().pluginId();
//TODO port away from query: assume that the "actionsFile" entry in the KPluginMetaData contains the path of a .desktop file
//containing the actions specification, as the old part .desktop file did
QString actionDesktopFile = md.value("actionsFile", QString());
if (!actionDesktopFile.isEmpty()) {
//TODO port away from query: decide how to find the desktop file
KDesktopFile df(QStandardPaths::DataLocation, actionDesktopFile);
QStringList actionNames = df.readActions();
for (const QString &name : actionNames) {
KConfigGroup grp = df.actionGroup(name);
QString text = grp.readEntry("Name", QString());
QString exec = grp.readEntry("Exec", QString());
if (name.isEmpty()) {
qCDebug(KONQUEROR_LOG) << "File" << df.fileName() << "doesn't contain a \"name\" entry";
KToggleAction *action = new KToggleAction(QIcon::fromTheme(grp.readEntry("Icon", QString())), text, this);
// actionCollection()->addAction(id /*not unique!*/, action);
action->setObjectName(id + QLatin1String("-viewmode"));
if (bIsCurrentView && m_currentView->internalViewMode() == {
if (isCurrentView && m_currentView->internalViewMode() == name) {
} else {
// The service only provides one view mode (common case)
QString serviceText = service->genericName();
if (serviceText.isEmpty()) {
serviceText = service->name();
// Create a KToggleAction for this view mode, and plug it into the menu
KToggleAction *action = new KToggleAction(QIcon::fromTheme(service->icon()), serviceText, this);
// NOTE: "-viewmode" is appended to desktopEntryName to avoid overwritting existing
//TODO port away from query: is there a replacement for KService::genericName?
QString text =;
KToggleAction *action = new KToggleAction(QIcon::fromTheme(md.iconName()), text, this);
// NOTE: "-viewmode" is appended to id to avoid overwriting existing
// action, e.g. konsolepart added through ToggleViewGUIClient in the ctor will be
// overwritten by the view mode konsolepart action added here. #266517.
actionCollection()->addAction(desktopEntryName + QLatin1String("-viewmode"), action);
actionCollection()->addAction(id + QLatin1String("-viewmode"), action);
......@@ -4757,7 +4754,6 @@ void KonqMainWindow::updateViewModeActions()
&& m_viewModeMenu) {
void KonqMainWindow::slotInternalViewModeChanged()
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