Commit 6b616f76 authored by Dirk Mueller's avatar Dirk Mueller
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fix crash on RMB inside konqueror (backport 811027, kde#162424)

svn path=/tags/KDE/4.0.80/kdebase/apps/; revision=813233
parent 411a3c31
......@@ -196,8 +196,10 @@ void KonqPopupMenuPrivate::init(KonqPopupMenu::Flags kpf, KParts::BrowserExtensi
QFileInfo parentDirInfo;
KUrl url;
KFileItemList::const_iterator it = m_popupMenuInfo.items().begin();
const KFileItemList::const_iterator kend = m_popupMenuInfo.items().end();
KFileItemList lstItems = m_popupMenuInfo.items();
KFileItemList::const_iterator it = lstItems.begin();
const KFileItemList::const_iterator kend = lstItems.end();
for ( ; it != kend; ++it )
url = (*it).url();
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