Commit 6d55c26d authored by Stefano Crocco's avatar Stefano Crocco Committed by David Faure
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Make Konqueror have correct icon on Wayland

It seems that on Wayland the icon for Konqueror can't be found because
the org.kde.konqueror.desktop is installed in kservices5 instead of in

In `CMakeLists.txt`, it mentions that there's a reason for installing it there; because of this I installed the file in both places. I know it's not optimal, but I don't know if there's another way to fix the problem on Wayland.

BUG: 452149
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......@@ -101,6 +101,9 @@ install(FILES org.kde.konqueror.appdata.xml DESTINATION ${KDE_INSTALL_METAINFODI
# Make sure kfmclient can find konqueror.desktop even if people remove it from the K menu (#62242)
# This is why konqueror.desktop is installed into services.
install( FILES org.kde.konqueror.desktop DESTINATION ${KDE_INSTALL_KSERVICES5DIR} )
# On Wayland the icon to use for the main window is read from the desktop file, which needs
# to be in the applications directory, so it needs to be installed there, too (bug #452149)
install( FILES org.kde.konqueror.desktop DESTINATION ${KDE_INSTALL_APPDIR} )
install(FILES konqy_preload.desktop DESTINATION ${KDE_INSTALL_AUTOSTARTDIR})
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