Commit 900079a5 authored by Stefano Crocco's avatar Stefano Crocco Committed by David Faure
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Ignore fields which most likely aren't for credentials

There are some web fields which most likely the user will never want to
store in KWallet, such as search fields. However, currently the KWallet
integration also takes into account these, which can lead to surprising
results (for example, the wallet icon being displayed for pages like
Google which only has a search field).

To avoid this, each field name is checked aginst a set of hard-coded
field names which it's assumed the user will want to ignore.
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......@@ -76,6 +76,7 @@ public:
static bool containsCustomForms(const QMap<QString, QString>& map);
static void detectFormsInPage(WebEnginePage *page, WebWalletCallback callback, bool findLabels=false);
static bool shouldFieldBeIgnored(const QString &name);
// Private slots...
void _k_openWalletDone(bool);
......@@ -89,7 +90,14 @@ public:
QHash<QString, WebFormList> pendingSaveRequests;
QSet<QUrl> confirmSaveRequestOverwrites;
static QString customFieldsKey;
///@brief A list of field names which the user is unlikely to want stored (such as search fields)
static const char* s_fieldNamesToIgnore[];
const char* WebEngineWallet::WebEngineWalletPrivate::s_fieldNamesToIgnore[] = {
"q", //The search field in Google and DuckDuckGo
"search", "search_bar", //Other possible names for a search field
"amount" //A field corresponding to a quantity
......@@ -114,6 +122,17 @@ WebEngineWallet::WebEngineWalletPrivate::WebEngineWalletPrivate(WebEngineWallet
bool WebEngineWallet::WebEngineWalletPrivate::shouldFieldBeIgnored(const QString& name)
QString lowerName = name.toLower();
for (uint i = 0; i < sizeof(s_fieldNamesToIgnore)/sizeof(char*); ++i){
if (lowerName == s_fieldNamesToIgnore[i]) {
return true;
return false;
WebEngineWallet::WebFormList WebEngineWallet::WebEngineWalletPrivate::parseFormDetectionResult(const QVariant& jsForms, const QUrl& pageUrl)
const QVariantList variantForms(jsForms.toList());
......@@ -133,8 +152,12 @@ WebEngineWallet::WebFormList WebEngineWallet::WebEngineWalletPrivate::parseFormD
if (field.type == WebForm::WebFieldType::Other) {
} = elementMap[QL1S("id")].toString(); = elementMap[QL1S("name")].toString();
if (shouldFieldBeIgnored( {
} = elementMap[QL1S("id")].toString();
field.readOnly = elementMap[QL1S("readonly")].toBool();
field.disabled = elementMap[QL1S("disabled")].toBool();
field.autocompleteAllowed = elementMap[QL1S("autocompleteAllowed")].toBool();
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