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Emit the openUrlRequest from a QTimer::singleShot

Middle-clicking on a link in a WebEnginePage correctly opens the link in
a new tab, but, incorrectly, leaves the focus in the location bar
instead of giving it to the new widget. Using a QTimer::singleShot to
ensure that the request to open the URL is made after all events have
been processed prevents this issue.

Note that this is only a workaround: it doesn't fix the true cause of
the problem.


(cherry picked from commit 78f47b4d)
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......@@ -894,6 +894,10 @@ bool NewWindowPage::acceptNavigationRequest(const QUrl &url, NavigationType type
//Set the create new window flag to false...
m_createNewWindow = false;
if (webenginePart) {
QTimer::singleShot(0, [webenginePart, url](){emit webenginePart->browserExtension()->openUrlRequest(url);});
return false;
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