Commit 9f33ee4d authored by Stefano Crocco's avatar Stefano Crocco
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Add an entry to the wallet popup menu to start filling of web forms

Sometimes the user may need to fill the web forms on a page after the
page has been loaded (for example because the page has unconvetional
ways of asking for login information which prevent automatic filling
from working).

A second entry to show the wallet manager is also added to the menu.
parent 73ecc2e1
...@@ -811,8 +811,13 @@ void WebEnginePart::slotShowWalletMenu() ...@@ -811,8 +811,13 @@ void WebEnginePart::slotShowWalletMenu()
{ {
QMenu *menu = new QMenu(nullptr); QMenu *menu = new QMenu(nullptr);
bool hasCustomForms = m_wallet && m_wallet->hasCustomizedCacheableForms(url()); bool hasCustomForms = m_wallet && m_wallet->hasCustomizedCacheableForms(url());
if ((m_wallet && m_walletData.hasAutoFillableForms) || hasCustomForms) { if (m_wallet) {
menu->addAction(i18n("Memorize passwords in this page &now"), [this]{if (page() && m_wallet){m_wallet->savePageDataNow(page());}}); if (m_walletData.hasCachedData) {
menu->addAction(i18nc("Fill the forms with data from KWallet", "&Fill forms now"), [this]{if(page() && m_wallet){m_wallet->detectAndFillPageForms(page());}});
if (m_walletData.hasAutoFillableForms || hasCustomForms) {
menu->addAction(i18n("Memorize passwords in this page &now"), [this]{if (page() && m_wallet){m_wallet->savePageDataNow(page());}});
} }
if (m_wallet && (m_walletData.hasForms ||hasCustomForms)) { if (m_wallet && (m_walletData.hasForms ||hasCustomForms)) {
menu->addSeparator(); menu->addSeparator();
...@@ -832,6 +837,7 @@ void WebEnginePart::slotShowWalletMenu() ...@@ -832,6 +837,7 @@ void WebEnginePart::slotShowWalletMenu()
} }
menu->addSeparator(); menu->addSeparator();
menu->addAction(i18nc("Launch the wallet manager from the popup menu", "Launch wallet manager"), this, [this]{slotLaunchWalletManager();});
menu->addAction(i18n("&Close Wallet"), this, &WebEnginePart::resetWallet); menu->addAction(i18n("&Close Wallet"), this, &WebEnginePart::resetWallet);
KAcceleratorManager::manage(menu); KAcceleratorManager::manage(menu);
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