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Assume that all plugins returned by partsForMimeType are parts

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......@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ void KKonqGeneralOptions::load()
QVector<KPluginMetaData> allParts = KParts::PartLoader::partsForMimeType(QStringLiteral("text/html"));
QVector<KPluginMetaData> partOfferList;
auto filter = [](const KPluginMetaData &md){
return !md.serviceTypes().contains(QStringLiteral("KParts/ReadWritePart")) && !md.mimeTypes().contains(QStringLiteral("text/plain"));
return !md.mimeTypes().contains(QStringLiteral("text/plain"));
std::copy_if(allParts.constBegin(), allParts.constEnd(), std::back_inserter(partOfferList), filter);
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