Commit bb6c5062 authored by Rafael Fernández López's avatar Rafael Fernández López
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Improve behavior when changes are detected on the model.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdebase/apps/; revision=680643
parent 23922f50
......@@ -948,6 +948,7 @@ void KListView::rowsInsertedArtifficial(const QModelIndex &parent,
int start,
int end)
d->lastSelection = QItemSelection();
......@@ -1052,7 +1053,8 @@ void KListView::rowsRemoved(const QModelIndex &parent,
int start,
int end)
if (d->proxyModel)
if ((viewMode() == KListView::IconMode) && d->proxyModel &&
// Force the view to update all elements
rowsInsertedArtifficial(parent, start, end);
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