Commit e0cf5a1b authored by Stefano Crocco's avatar Stefano Crocco
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Avoid duplicates in offers

Duplicates are caused by parts having both JSON metadata and a .desktop
parent 1db9bf17
......@@ -178,13 +178,28 @@ void KonqFactory::getOffers(const QString &serviceType, PluginMetaDataVector *pa
if (partServiceOffers && serviceType.length() > 0 && serviceType[0].isUpper()) {
//TODO port away from query: check whether it's still necessary to exclude kfmclient* from this vector (they aren't parts, so I think they shouldn't be included here)
qDebug() << KPluginMetaData::findPlugins(QString(), [serviceType](const KPluginMetaData &md){return md.serviceTypes().contains(serviceType);});
*partServiceOffers = KPluginMetaData::findPlugins(QString(), [serviceType](const KPluginMetaData &md){return md.serviceTypes().contains(serviceType);});
if (partServiceOffers) {
*partServiceOffers = KParts::PartLoader::partsForMimeType(serviceType);
PluginMetaDataVector offers = KParts::PartLoader::partsForMimeType(serviceType);
//If a part has both JSON metadata and a .desktop file, partsForMimeType return the plugin twice. To avoid this, we remove the duplicate entries
//We can't use std::unique because it requires the vector to be sorted but we can't do that because the entries are sorted according to user
//preferences (we only keep the first entry for each plugin).
//TODO: remove when .desktop files for parts aren't supported anymore (KF6)
PluginMetaDataVector uniqueOffers;
for (const KPluginMetaData &md : offers) {
if (!std::any_of(uniqueOffers.constBegin(), uniqueOffers.constEnd(), [md](const KPluginMetaData &md2){return md.pluginId() == md2.pluginId();})) {
*partServiceOffers = uniqueOffers;
for (auto md : *partServiceOffers) {
qDebug() << md.pluginId();
if (appServiceOffers) {
*appServiceOffers = KApplicationTrader::queryByMimeType(serviceType, [](const KService::Ptr &s){return !s->desktopEntryName().startsWith("kfmclient");});
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