Commit fc80773b authored by Stefano Crocco's avatar Stefano Crocco
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Improve name of action file entry

parent e0cf5a1b
......@@ -195,11 +195,7 @@ void KonqFactory::getOffers(const QString &serviceType, PluginMetaDataVector *pa
*partServiceOffers = uniqueOffers;
for (auto md : *partServiceOffers) {
qDebug() << md.pluginId();
if (appServiceOffers) {
*appServiceOffers = KApplicationTrader::queryByMimeType(serviceType, [](const KService::Ptr &s){return !s->desktopEntryName().startsWith("kfmclient");});
......@@ -4697,8 +4697,6 @@ void KonqMainWindow::updateViewModeActions()
//TODO port away from query: find out how to replace all of this, since I don't think that KPluginMetaData provides
//something like KService::actions
m_viewModeMenu = new KActionMenu(i18nc("@action:inmenu View", "&View Mode"), this);
actionCollection()->addAction( "viewModeMenu", m_viewModeMenu );
......@@ -4708,10 +4706,9 @@ void KonqMainWindow::updateViewModeActions()
//TODO port away from query: assume that the "actionsFile" entry in the KPluginMetaData contains the path of a .desktop file
//containing the actions specification, as the old part .desktop file did
QString actionDesktopFile = md.value("actionsFile", QString());
QString actionDesktopFile = md.value("X-Konqueror-Actions-File", QString());
if (!actionDesktopFile.isEmpty()) {
//TODO port away from query: decide how to find the desktop file
KDesktopFile df(QStandardPaths::DataLocation, actionDesktopFile);
QStringList actionNames = df.readActions();
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