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      Improve integration with KWallet · 3c109c19
      Stefano Crocco authored
      Konqueror fails to save user credentials in many sites for two reasons:
      - the site sets the autocomplete attribute to off for the fields (I
        can't understand whether this is an oversight or a conscious choice)
      - clicking the "login" (or similar) button causes
        QWebEnginePage::acceptNavigationRequest with a type argument different
        from NavigationTypeFormSubmitted. Since Konqueror uses that value to
        decide whether credentials should be saved or not, it doesn't save
      Given this situation, I believe that there's no simple way to
      automatically detect when credential saving and loading should be
      applied, so I decided to give the user the ability to manually choose
      which fields should be saved and to manually save them. In practice, I
      added three entries to the KWallet popup menu in Konqueror:
      - one displays a dialog where the user can choose which of the
        fields in the current page should be saved in KWallet. This allows to
        override the autocomplete=off HTML attribute
      - one allows to remove the customization described above
      - one immediately saves the credentials to KWallet, allowing
        to work around the NavigationTypeFormSubmitted issue.