1. 10 Jul, 2021 1 commit
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    • Adriaan de Groot's avatar
      CMake: require CMake 3.5 or later · c6e78aec
      Adriaan de Groot authored
      - Konqueror requires KDE Frameworks 5.71 or later,
      - Frameworks 5.71 required CMake 3.5 or later,
      - so match the versions.
      This would be nicer to bump to 3.16, which is what current KF5
      versions require; right now find_package(KF5) prints a warning
      (just a warning) when the consumer requires an older CMake version.
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    • Stefano Crocco's avatar
      Fix compilation with Qt 5.12 and Qt 5.13 · 8c8cb4fb
      Stefano Crocco authored and David Faure's avatar David Faure committed
      Despite Qt 5.12 being the minimum required Qt version, the following
      functions introduced in Qt 5.14 were used:
      - QComboBox::textActivated (in settings/konqhtml/appearance.cpp)
      - downloadFileName, downloadDirectory, setDownloadFileName,
        setDownloadDirectory in QWebEngineDownloadItem
      Don't use QComboBox::textActivated
      Use QWebEngineDownloadItem::path and QWebEngineDownloadItem::setPath with Qt 5.13
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    • Jonathan Marten's avatar
      Port and update the Konqueror core (client, libkonq, src) · 1a62207c
      Jonathan Marten authored and Stefano Crocco's avatar Stefano Crocco committed
      Note that this change must be applied after all of the others
      that remove KDELibs4Support, otherwise the build will fail.
      kDebug(), qDebug() -> qCDebug() with logging category
      No need to link with KDELibs4Support
      QDrag::start() -> QDrag::exec() with explicit argument
      Window title and action icon for "Configure Extensions"
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    • Raphael Rosch's avatar
      Fifth revision of the konq sidebar code. · 64bfeab6
      Raphael Rosch authored and David Faure's avatar David Faure committed
      Brings back the konqueror sidebar panel, with a few new features. Buttons for: home, root, fonts, bookmarks, places, settings, remote, and others.
      Automatically detects and selects in the panel the current location of the active view (except for the places panel, for now).
      Test Plan:
      Press F9 to bring up the panel. Try multiple combinations of:
       having split window views
       toggling the panel on and off
       toggling the panel visibility on and off
       clicking on items in the panel listings
       navigating using the locationbar, history, or clicking inside the view itself
       selecting different active view, including those with loaded urls that match and don't match the panel button
      Reviewers: dfaure
      Reviewed By: dfaure
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D28527
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    • Stefano Crocco's avatar
      Port the About page to QtWebEngine · 64f94b6b
      Stefano Crocco authored
      Replace the old About Page based on KHtml with one based on QtWebEngine.
      This has been obtained creating a new QWebEngineUrlSchemeHandler for the `konq``
      scheme which will display the contents of the about page. The old `about` scheme
      can't be used because it's used internally by QtWebEngine.
      There are two problems. The first is that if the user's konquerorrc file
      contains old default value for the StartURL entry, that value will be used
      instead of the new one, which will result in an error message. I don't know how
      to force the use of the new default instead of the old one.
      The second problem is that clicking on the "Home Folder" link in the launch page
      will open the link in the WebEngine part instead of Dolphin part.
      Test Plan:
      after removing the StartURL entry from the user's konquerorrc file,
      launch Konqueror and check that the intro page is displayed. Click on one of the
      links in the page (Introduction, Tips, Specifications) and check that the
      correct page is displayed.
      Reviewers: dfaure
      Reviewed By: dfaure
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D26253
  21. 03 Nov, 2019 1 commit
    • Stefano Crocco's avatar
      Add option to enable or disable internal PDF viewer from Qt 5.13 · 6b43d97c
      Stefano Crocco authored
      Add an option to allow the user to choose whether or not to display
      PDF files opened from web pages using WebEngine.
      This doesn't affect PDF files not opened from web pages (for example, files
      opened from Dolphin Part).
      The default is NOT to use the internal viewer.
      The option is at the bottom of the Miscellaneous section of the Web Behavior
      page in the configuration dialog. Maybe it should be made more visible.
      Test Plan:
      go to a web page with a link to a PDF file and click on the link:
      with the option disabled Konqueror opens the PDF using a KPart; with the option
      enabled, it opens it in the same WebEnginePart.
      Reviewers: dfaure
      Reviewed By: dfaure
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D25131
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