Commit c61f370f authored by David Faure's avatar David Faure
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Always embed text/html, don't start another browser for local HTML files...

parent abe54a4e
......@@ -125,9 +125,12 @@ bool KonqFMSettings::shouldEmbed(const QString &_mimeType) const
// 3 - if no config found, use default.
// Note: if you change those defaults, also change keditfiletype/mimetypedata.cpp !
// Embedding is false by default except for image/* and for zip, tar etc.
// Embedding is false by default except for image/*, text/html and for zip, tar etc.
const bool hasLocalProtocolRedirect = !KProtocolManager::protocolForArchiveMimetype(mimeType).isEmpty();
if (mimeTypeGroup == QLatin1String("image") || mimeTypeGroup == QLatin1String("multipart") || hasLocalProtocolRedirect) {
if (mimeTypeGroup == QLatin1String("image")
|| mime.inherits(QLatin1String("text/html")) || mime.inherits(QLatin1String("application/xhtml+xml"))
|| mimeTypeGroup == QLatin1String("multipart")
|| hasLocalProtocolRedirect) {
return true;
return false;
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