Commit e610205a authored by David Faure's avatar David Faure

Fix compilation warnings

parent e28d2074
......@@ -497,7 +497,7 @@ void KonqPopupMenuPrivate::slotPopupEmptyTrashBin()
if (uiDelegate.askDeleteConfirmation(QList<QUrl>(), KIO::JobUiDelegate::EmptyTrash, KIO::JobUiDelegate::DefaultConfirmation)) {
KIO::Job *job = KIO::emptyTrash();
KJobWidgets::setWindow(job, m_parentWidget);
job->ui()->setAutoErrorHandlingEnabled(true); // or connect to the result signal
job->uiDelegate()->setAutoErrorHandlingEnabled(true); // or connect to the result signal
......@@ -556,5 +556,5 @@ void KonqPopupMenuPrivate::slotShowOriginalFile()
// Now destUrl points to the target file, let's go up to parent dir
destUrl = destUrl.adjusted(QUrl::RemoveFilename);
KRun::runUrl(destUrl, QStringLiteral("inode/directory"), m_parentWidget);
KRun::runUrl(destUrl, QStringLiteral("inode/directory"), m_parentWidget, KRun::RunFlags());
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