Commit 4be5cb00 authored by Ahmad Samir's avatar Ahmad Samir
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InputFilter: check NickInfoPtr object isn't null before using it

IIUC, if the nick being checked is offline, we can get a nullptr; this also
matches how NickInfoPtr objects returned by Server::getNickInfo are used in
the code.

BUG: 437595
parent 18d932da
......@@ -712,15 +712,9 @@ void InputFilter::parseClientCommand(const QString &prefix, const QString &comma
else if (command == QLatin1String("account") && plHas(1))
NickInfoPtr nickInfo = m_server->getNickInfo(sourceNick);
QString account = parameterList.first();
if (account == QLatin1String("*"))
if (nickInfo) {
const QString account =;
nickInfo->setAccount(account == QLatin1Char('*') ? QString() : account);
else if (command == QLatin1String("chghost") && plHas(2))
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