ConnectionManager: convert to signal/slot connect based on member function pointer

parent 75c15418
......@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ namespace KWallet
class Application : public QApplication
friend class ConnectionManager;
/** This function in general shouldn't be called, because in the future there
......@@ -169,8 +169,8 @@ void ConnectionManager::connectTo(Konversation::ConnectionFlag flag, ConnectionS
connect(server, &Server::awayInsertRememberLine,
mainWindow, &MainWindow::triggerRememberLines);
connect(server, SIGNAL(multiServerCommand(QString,QString)),
konvApp, SLOT(sendMultiServerCommand(QString,QString)));
connect(server, &Server::multiServerCommand,
konvApp, &Application::sendMultiServerCommand);
void ConnectionManager::enlistConnection(int connectionId, Server* server)
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