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    • Eike Hein's avatar
      Bring stop chars in sync with the URL regex. · 48b9b1f2
      Eike Hein authored
      We really need a better IRCView API that gives us more control over
      where in a message linkification is applied, but in the meantime
      this is a good idea independent of that and takes care of:
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    • Bernd Buschinski's avatar
      - rewrite html generation from irc richtexts, · e0821e4f
      Bernd Buschinski authored
      (for the example I will use [b] as irc bold char and [i] as italic char)
      In case we got text like:
      we used to generate
      which is invalid HTML, as the italic has to be closed before the bold,
      as expected the result also looked wrong(on the screen).
      What I do now is to remember which tag is open and reopen it,
      so I will generate text like:
      -move html stuff out of common.cpp/h
      - support the \x16 reverse char, inverts default fore- and back-ground colors
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    • Eike Hein's avatar
      Changed disconnect handling for in-progress and scheduled connects. · 627fb681
      Eike Hein authored
      * '/quit' now cancels scheduled connects, same as '/disconnect'.
      * The GUI "Disconnect" action is now also enabled while a connection
        context is connecting or scheduled to connect.
      * As a side-effect of the refactoring, '/disconnect' and '/reconnect'
        now take optional quit message parameters, same as '/quit'.
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    • Travis McHenry's avatar
      Fix the translations for the channel modes · c46b1b0e
      Travis McHenry authored
      Previously the channel modes were loaded into the hash at runtime.
      Now, we load it when it's needed, coincidentally after KInstance
      has been started, so the i18n() calls now work.
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    • Eike Hein's avatar
      Merge the rewrite of connection management and instanciation, along with re- · 6bd9febd
      Eike Hein authored
      lated code. This brings about a large set of changes and improvements, so get
      a beverage and make yourself comfortable:
      - Improved behavior with regard to reusing existing connections in connection
        attempts that provide an initial channel to join, such as command line argu-
        ments, the DCOP interface, the bookmark system or irc:// links). Previously,
        the application would have inconsistently either reused an existing or crea-
        ted a new connection.
      - Better dialog messages in the interactive variant of the decision to either
        reuse or create a new connection (from the Server List dialog and the Quick
        connect dialog).
      - Improved and more consistent display of connection names (i.e. network or
        server host name) throughout the application.
      - Much improved irc:// URL support for connection intanciation, with support
        added for IPv6 host names and many of the features proposed by the Mirashi
      - Eliminated redundant irc:// URL parsing codepaths in favor of a single one.
      - Added support for irc:// URLs to the chat views.
      - Removed "konversationircprotocolhandler" shell script. The Konversation exe-
        cutable now understands irc:// URLs directly.
      - Initiating connections from command line arguments and options now works
        also when the application is already running.
      - Fixed a bug that would cause a connection initiated from command line options
        not to get past the identity validation stage when the configuration file was
        unitialized and empty.
      - The server list dialog will now always be closed when starting Konversation
        with command line arguments to initiate a connection, consistent with the
        configuration-based auto-connect behavior
      - Providing a channel in the creation of a new connection (i.e. via command line
        arguments, the DCOP interface, the Quick Connect dialog, the bookmark system
        or irc:// links) now consistently pre-empts the stored auto-join channel list
        if the target of the connection is a network or the hostname is found to be
        part of a configured network. Previously, this would only work for Quick
        Connect and the bookmark system (which caused the infamous Sabayon user flood
        in #kde due to their "Get Support" desktop link connecting to Freenode, which
        in an unconfigured Konversation has #kde in its auto-join list)..
      - Connections now have globally unique IDs.
      - The DCOP interface now understands connection IDs in addition to host names.
      - The scripting systems now uses globally unique connection IDs rather than
        server host names to refer to connections, fixing a bug where scripted res-
        ponses were being handed to all connections sharing a hostname (which was
        actually intentional in the absence of connection IDs, but undesirable for
      - Ported the DCC code away from relying on server group IDs to refer to connec-
        tions, made it use connection IDs instead. Fixes potential bugs with multiple
        concurrent connections to the same network.
      - Improved iteration behavior over a network's server list on connection losses.
      - The "Reconnect" action now works also when Konversation doesn't consider the
        connection to be in a disconnected state.
      - Improved the server status view messages related to reconnection attempts.
      - Improved the naming of preferences related to automatic reconnection attempts
        to be less confusing.
      - Made it possible to set the number of automatic reconnection attempts to un-
      - Provided better default values to the preferences related to automatic reconn-
        ection attempts.
      - Consistently apply the "Reconnect delay" setting (previously confusingly named
        "Reconnect timeout"), which wasn't done before.
      - Fixed a bug that could cause the connection process to claim that a DNS look-
        up was successful when it actually wasn't.
      - Fixed opening bookmarks with spaces in the target address name (which may be
        a network name, and networks may have spaces in their name).
      - Properly update the state of the "Add/Remove to Watched Nicknames" nickname
        context menu actions when the connection isn't to a config-backed network,
        in which case there's no way to store and make use of those list entries.
      - Fixed a crash when quitting the application with a resident connection that
        disconnected due to an SSL error.
      - Fixed crashes in the DCOP interface if no connection was present.
      - Lay the groundwork for the upcoming auto-away merge.
      - Massive code cleanups.
      This was also the biggest outstanding to-do item for the upcoming 1.1 release.
      svn path=/branches/extragear/kde3/network/konversation/; revision=798634
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    • Eike Hein's avatar
      Add a new LED type to non-chat/status tabs rather than · c8ff53c2
      Eike Hein authored
      no LED at all. Brings back basic coverage on the color-
      coding front as requested by the Geeks Marching For The
      Use of LEDs for Color Coding Allliance.
      svn path=/trunk/extragear/network/konversation/; revision=501724
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