1. 30 Sep, 2011 1 commit
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      Changed method of remember/marker line tracking. · cbe876c9
      Eli MacKenzie authored
      Qt 4.7.4 introduces a change to the handling of
      QTextBlock::userState that makes it unusable for the purposes of
      tracking which block represents a marker or remember line. Previous
      versions of Qt also changed or otherwise corrupted the userState
      value causing the loss of synchronization with the data held in the
      IRCView itself. Blocks are now tracked via the userData field, which
      was unmolested in the change made to QTextDocument.
      Warning: this commit introduces a large volume of debugging output.
      For more information about the Qt change, see QTBUG-20916.
      BUG: 210106
      CCBUG: 260598
  2. 01 Jul, 2011 1 commit
  3. 15 May, 2011 1 commit
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      Fix ISON timer initialization. · d684dc91
      Eike Hein authored
      Adding an initial nick to the WNO list for a network would fail
      to kick off the ISON timer if it was done via the context menu
      actions or /notify (adding via the config dialog page or the
      WNO tab would work). Fixed now.
      Also avoiding to pointlessly reschedule the ISON timer every time
      the app settings change now, and some more improvements to the
      WNO getters in Preferences.
  4. 15 Apr, 2011 1 commit
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  11. 16 Sep, 2010 1 commit
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      Land a rewrite of the context menu code ... · 7404e4be
      Eike Hein authored
      ... for ircview, topiclabel and nicklistview, resulting in a monstrous
      commit message listing the many improvements. And you thought I couldn't
      do it with git! Enjoy:
      * Numerous consistency problems in the area of which actions are avail-
        able in which context menus have been addressed. For example, the chat
        text nick context menu used to lack many of the actions available in
        the nickname list context menu.
      * Numerous actions that require an established connection (e.g. everything
        in the "Modes" submenu of nick context menus or the DCC actions) used to
        not get disabled when loss of connection occured. Others did get dis-
        abled, but not consistently in all menus in which they are available.
        Still others, such as the "Add to Watched Nicks" action, used to get
        disabled unnecessarily. All of this has been addressed.
      * Toggle actions used to appear and behave inconsistently: The nickname
        list context menu showed either "Ignore" or "Unignore" actions as applic-
        able, while the chat text view nick context menu used a checkable item.
        Meanwhile, the "Add to Watched Nicknames" action had no corresponding
        action to remove a nick from the Watched Nicks Online list at all. All
        of this has been fixed, going with the "Ignore"/"Unignore" style of the
        nickname list context menu (i.e. there's now a "Remove from Watched
      * If built against Qt 4.7, the topic area now uses the same context menus
        as the chat text view (with the exception of the inappropriate "Find
        Text.." action in the basic context menu), enabling a lot of functiona-
        lity missing otherwise.
      * Some actions used to be shown in menus inappropriately, e.g. the "Chan-
        nel Settings" action in the chat text view context menu of a connection
        status tab or the "Open Logfile" action in the same context menu of a
        raw log tab. This has been addressed.
      * The behavior of many of the actions is now more consistent with their
        input line equivalents. For example, clicking "Join Channel" in a link
        to an already-joined channel will now focus the existing channel tab,
        the same as the /join command would do. Previously, nothing would hap-
      * Fixed a bug causing the nick and channel link context menus in the chat
        text view of a channel tab to get disabled after having been kicked from
        the channel.
      * Fixed a bug causing the "Send Email..." action to always be disabled,
        even when any of the associated address book entries did have an email
        address on file.
      * The display of helpful titles repeating the nick/channel at the top of
        the chat text view nick and channel link context menus has been fixed -
        it previously got broken in the KDE 4 port.
      * The nick and channel link context menus now mark the action that occurs
        when clicking either as the default action of the context menu, impro-
        ving the appearance with UI styles that visually distinguish the default
      * General improvements to the layout of menus, often with an aim for
        improved consistency with other KDE applications.
      * Numerous actions that were missing icons now have them.
      * The consistency of keyboard accelerators between the various menus has
        been improved.
      * Various actions in the nickname list context menu now appropriately use
        a singular or plural form for their text label depending on the number
        of selected nicks the menu operates on.
      * Improved memory efficiency by using single global instances of the
        various menus, rather than for example having two separate instances of
        the nick context menu - one for the chat text view, one for the nickname
        list view - for every channel tab.
      * The code implementing the various actions was in many cases redundantly
        implemented in three different places, for some even in four. This stag-
        gering code duplication has been done away with.
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  16. 26 Aug, 2010 1 commit
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      Add support for KDE Web Shortcuts. · cf300db6
      Eike Hein authored
      There's now a submenu in the context menu for selected text which
      lets you hand over the selected text to any of the enabled search
      providers, with the resulting search URL opening in the default
      web browser. Basically what Konqueror has as well.
  17. 05 Aug, 2010 2 commits
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      Fix link protocol heuristics. · e026e0de
      Eike Hein authored
      Fix opening email links from IrcView and the URL Catcher, plus
      less code duplication between extractUrlData() and storeUrl().
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      Bump. · bbf3aca9
      Eike Hein authored
  18. 03 Aug, 2010 3 commits
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      Don't crash on Jonas Thiem's fuzzer. · a2acea63
      Eike Hein authored
      Fixed a small loop logic error in incoming(), a missing length
      sanity check after the encoding pass and a source of QList::last()
      calls on an empty list.
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      Handle incoming CTCP ACTION without argument. · 140df12e
      Eike Hein authored
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      Revamp link detection. Large set of improvements detailed below. · c495b271
      Eike Hein authored
      - Unicode characters in URLs are now handled properly, enabling
        support for example for international domain names.
      - Protocol-less links not starting in "www.", such as the short URLs
        popular these days ("bit.ly/foo" and similar), are now recognized.
      - Arbitrary protocols (e.g. "http://" or "message://") are now recog-
        nized; previously only a small hand-picked and insufficient set was.
      - The check that avoids balanced a pair of parenthesis around an URL
        becoming part of the link now works for more than one level of ba-
        lanced parenthesis.
      - Aside from balanced pairs of parenthesis, also square and other
        forms of brackets are now handled properly.
      - Trailing question marks no longer become part of the link.
      - URLs using uncommon schemas, e.g. Apple message:// URLs, are now
        handled properly.
      - User names containing the plus sign are now handled correctly in
        the detection of email addresses.
      - Average performance of link detection has improved slightly.
      A note about performance: On my system, the new link detector com-
      pletes 100 iterations of a specially crafted set of 44 lines con-
      taining common as well as uncommon URL and email address examples
      in avg. 230 miliseconds, while the old link detector finishes in
      avg. 225ms. However, the old link detector fails to handle about
      50% of the lines correctly.
      Meanwhile, when feeding both link detectors 5000 lines of actual
      Freenode #kde log data (containing 346 lines with at least one
      http:// URL) and letting them interate over each line 150 times,
      the new link detector is on average 2% faster.
      All averages are of five runs each.
  19. 01 Aug, 2010 1 commit
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      Land a from-scratch rewrite of the URL Catcher: various improvements and fixes. · 0a17283c
      Eike Hein authored
      - It is now possible to to select multiple list entries, and all of the
        selection-related actions, such as "Open" or "Add Bookmark", can now
        operate on multiple selected entries.
      - Reasonable default sorting: The list is now sorted by the "Date" column
        in descending order the first time the URL Catcher is opened, so that
        the newest URLs are found at the top. Previously, the list was sorted by
        the "From" column in ascending order by default.
      - The list data is no longer stored in memory twice while the URL
        is open. Data handling is generally more efficient.
      - The list entry context menu has been cleaned up, now showing only the
        actions applicable to individual entries.
      - The list now automatically receives keyboard focus when switching to
        URL Catcher tab.
      - When saving the list to disk, the file dialog to pick the destination
        file will now ask before overwriting an existing file of the same name.
      - The date and time in the header of a saved list file is now formatted
        according to the user's locale settings.
      - Fixed a bug causing the "Date" column to sort alphabetically rather than
      - Fixed a bug causing the deletion of list entries not to work.
      - Fixed a bug causing a 1px remnant of tree branch lines to be visible
        along the left edge of list entries.
      - An unnecessary margin around the toolbar and the search line edit has
        been removed.
      - Fixed a bug causing the URL Catcher tab to claim to be elibile to re-
        ceive chat text messages that have the frontmost eligible tab as their
        recipient despite it not actually possessing the means to display them,
        resulting in a crash when such a message occured.
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      Add convenience fluff to restart Konversation. · ebb01355
      Eike Hein authored
      Adds a --restart CLI argument and a /restart command to restart Konvi
      (if running, otherwise --restart has no effect).
      Pro tip: Having your KDevelop launch target run konversation --restart.
  26. 16 Jul, 2010 1 commit
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