Commit 22563ca5 authored by Jiří Paleček's avatar Jiří Paleček Committed by Raphael Kubo da Costa
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Fix missing parentheses around macro

Defining macro isRunning by

  #define isRunning() something == something_else

has its problems. Elsewhere in the code, there is
which expands to `!something == something_else`, not what you would probably mean. I have found this due to a gcc warning.

Reviewers: #kopete, rakuco

Reviewed By: rakuco

Subscribers: rakuco, kopete-devel

Tags: #kopete

Differential Revision:
parent 6d5f864d
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
#include <QMessageBox>
#include <QEventLoop>
#define isRunning() callProcess->state() == QProcess::Running
#define isRunning() (callProcess->state() == QProcess::Running)
#define callExe "libjingle-call"
#define RESTART_INTERVAL 100000
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