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Commit 119eaaf0 authored by Pali Rohár's avatar Pali Rohár

libjingle: Fix mute support

parent 64d374b7
......@@ -247,7 +247,14 @@ bool LinphoneVoiceChannel::AddSendStream(const cricket::StreamParams& st)
bool LinphoneVoiceChannel::SetSend(SendFlags flag) {
mute_ = !flag;
mute_ = (flag == SEND_NOTHING);
audio_stream_mute_rtp(audio_stream_, mute_);
return true;
bool LinphoneVoiceChannel::Mute(bool on) {
mute_ = on;
audio_stream_mute_rtp(audio_stream_, mute_);
return true;
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ class LinphoneVoiceChannel : public VoiceMediaChannel {
// Implement pure virtual methods of MediaChannel.
virtual void OnPacketReceived(talk_base::Buffer* packet);
virtual void OnRtcpReceived(talk_base::Buffer* packet);
virtual bool Mute(bool on) { return mute_; }
virtual bool Mute(bool on);
virtual bool SetSendBandwidth(bool autobw, int bps) { return true; }
virtual bool SetOptions(int options) { return true; }
virtual bool SetRecvRtpHeaderExtensions(
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