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Commit ad205d8e authored by Alexey Chernov's avatar Alexey Chernov Committed by Pali Rohár

Fix crash on chat window closing

Fix crash on chat window closing which is obviously caused by
reparenting KHTMLPart (which is also KPart) which in turn leads
to storing pointers to both parents, old and new, in KPartManager
and crashing the application when manager tries to delete them
in parallel with QWidget tree of the window itself.

It's OK to leave KHTMLPart's view without parent on creation as
it instantly gets parented when inserting into QSplitter.
parent 7390ff90
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ ChatView::ChatView( Kopete::ChatSession *mgr, ChatWindowPlugin *parent )
d->splitter = new QSplitter( Qt::Vertical, vbox );
//Create the view dock widget (KHTML Part), and set it to no docking (lock it in place)
m_messagePart = new ChatMessagePart( mgr , this );
m_messagePart = new ChatMessagePart( mgr, 0 );
//Create the bottom dock widget, with the edit area, statusbar and send button
m_editPart = new ChatTextEditPart( mgr, vbox );
......@@ -422,9 +422,9 @@ void ChatView::setMainWindow( KopeteChatWindow* parent )
m_mainWindow = parent;
if (m_mainWindow)
......@@ -821,7 +821,7 @@ void ChatView::saveChatSettings()
Kopete::ContactPtrList contacts = msgManager()->members();
if ( contacts.count() != 1 )
return; //can't save with more than one other person in the chat
Kopete::MetaContact* mc = contacts.first()->metaContact();
if ( !mc )
......@@ -878,14 +878,14 @@ void ChatView::setActive( bool value )
if (d->isActive)
// attach editpart back on...
KXMLGUIFactory * f = msgManager()->factory();
if (f)
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