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Commit ba838b8f authored by Vijay Krishnavanshi's avatar Vijay Krishnavanshi Committed by Pali Rohár

Port addbookmark plugin from KUrl to QUrl

parent 54f53769
......@@ -49,8 +49,8 @@ void BookmarksPlugin::slotBookmarkURLsInMessage(Kopete::Message &msg)
if (msg.direction() != Kopete::Message::Inbound) {
KUrl::List::iterator it;
KUrl::List *URLsList = extractURLsFromString(msg.parsedBody());
QList<QUrl>::iterator it;
QList<QUrl> *URLsList = extractURLsFromString(msg.parsedBody());
if (!URLsList->empty()) {
for (it = URLsList->begin(); it != URLsList->end(); ++it) {
if (msg.from()->metaContact()) {
......@@ -82,24 +82,23 @@ void BookmarksPlugin::slotAddKopeteBookmark(KIO::Job *transfer, const QByteArray
if (pos == -1) {
URLandName arg1 = m_map[(KIO::TransferJob *)transfer];
URLandName arg2 = m_map[(KIO::TransferJob *)transfer];
//group.addBookmark( m_map[(KIO::TransferJob*)transfer].url.prettyUrl(), m_map[(KIO::TransferJob*)transfer].url.url() );
//FIXME: group.addBookmark( arg1.url.prettyUrl(), arg2.url );
group.addBookmark( arg1.url.url(), arg2.url, QString());
kDebug(14501) << "failed to extract title from first data chunk";
} else {
URLandName arg = m_map[(KIO::TransferJob *)transfer];
//FIXME: group.addBookmark( rx.cap( 1 ).simplified(), arg.url);
group.addBookmark( rx.cap( 1 ).simplified(), arg.url, QString());
m_map.remove((KIO::TransferJob *)transfer);
KUrl::List *BookmarksPlugin::extractURLsFromString(const QString &text)
QList<QUrl> *BookmarksPlugin::extractURLsFromString(const QString &text)
KUrl::List *list = new KUrl::List;
QList<QUrl> *list = new QList<QUrl>;
QRegExp rx("<a href=\"[^\\s\"]+\"");
int pos = 0;
KUrl url;
QUrl url;
for (; (pos = rx.indexIn(text, pos)) != -1; pos += rx.matchedLength()) {
//as long as there is a matching URL in text
......@@ -112,7 +111,7 @@ KUrl::List *BookmarksPlugin::extractURLsFromString(const QString &text)
return list;
void BookmarksPlugin::addKopeteBookmark(const KUrl &url, const QString &sender)
void BookmarksPlugin::addKopeteBookmark(const QUrl &url, const QString &sender)
KBookmarkGroup group = getKopeteFolder();
......@@ -137,7 +136,7 @@ KBookmarkGroup BookmarksPlugin::getKopeteFolder()
return getFolder(mgr->root(), QStringLiteral("kopete"));
bool BookmarksPlugin::isURLInGroup(const KUrl &url, KBookmarkGroup group)
bool BookmarksPlugin::isURLInGroup(const QUrl &url, KBookmarkGroup group)
KBookmark bookmark = group.first();
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ public:
typedef struct S_URLANDNAME {
KUrl url;
QUrl url;
QString sender;
} URLandName;
typedef QMap<KIO::TransferJob *, URLandName> JobsToURLsMap;
......@@ -46,11 +46,11 @@ private:
JobsToURLsMap m_map;
BookmarksPrefsSettings m_settings;
void addKopeteBookmark(const KUrl &url, const QString &sender);
KUrl::List *extractURLsFromString(const QString &text);
void addKopeteBookmark(const QUrl &url, const QString &sender);
QList<QUrl> *extractURLsFromString(const QString &text);
KBookmarkGroup getKopeteFolder();
KBookmarkGroup getFolder(KBookmarkGroup group, QString folder);
bool isURLInGroup(const KUrl &url, KBookmarkGroup group);
bool isURLInGroup(const QUrl &url, KBookmarkGroup group);
QTextCodec *getPageEncoding(const QByteArray &data);
public Q_SLOTS:
void slotBookmarkURLsInMessage(Kopete::Message &msg);
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