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Last update: 27 december 2006.
This is a non-exhaustive guide to porting code from Kopete >= 0.11 (based on KDE3.x) to Kopete4 (based on KDE 4.x).
Libkopete changes
*) Kopete::Account
- contacts() now return a const QHash<QString,Contact*>&
- setOnlineStatus() reason optional parameter use Kopete::StatusMessage.
- NEW: setStatusMessage() which take a Kopete::StatusMessage.
*) Kopete::AccountManager
- accounts() now return a QList<Account*>.
*) KopeteAwayDialog
- removed. KopeteAwayAction should be used instead
*) Kopete::ChatSessionManager
- sessions() now return a QList<ChatSession*>
*) kopetecommandlist.h
- CommandList is now a QMultiHash<QString, Command*>
*) Kopete::Contact
- NEW: setStatusMessage() and statusMessage().
*) kopetecontactproperty.h
- Removed bool flags from constructor. Use ContactPropertyOption enum instead.
First bool parameter -> Kopete::ContactPropertyTmpl::PersistentProperty
Second bool parameter -> Kopete::ContactPropertyTmpl::RichTextProperty
Third bool parameter -> Kopete::ContactProperyTmpl::PrivateProperty
*) kopeteglobal.h
- Renamed Kopete::Global::Properties::awayMessage() to statusMessage()
*) Kopete::MetaContact
- photo() is now deprecated. Use picture().image() instead.
*) Kopete::Message
- asXML() no longer exist (removed in 0.12)
*) Kopete::OnlineStatusManager
- HasAwayMessage enum value was renamed to HasStatusMessage.
*) NEW: Kopete::StatusMessage
Class that encapsulate normal status message and status metadata(like Now Listening metadata)
*) kopeteproperties.h
- Replaced PortingDict, now a QMultiHash<QByteArray, PropertyData
- Replaced all const char * parameters with const QByteArray &
*) KopetePrefs
- Removed. Use the new settings classes (see entry below).
*) kopetexsl.h
- Was removed in 0.12 version.
-kopetemessagemanager.h and kopetemessagemanagerfactory.h has been removed. Use kopetechatsession.h and kopetechatsessionmanager.h
*) Configuration/Settings classes changes.
KopetePrefs is deprecated and will be removed soon. Please use the new settings classes generated by KConfigXT.
-Kopete::AppearanceSettings is for settings related to appearance like fonts, colors and enabled visual items
-Kopete::BehaviorSetting is for settings related to Kopete's behavior.
-Kopete::Config was renamed to Kopete::GeneralSettings.
See related .kcfg files for possible entries.
Other changes
If you get problems with UI files that fuck because of some KDE widgets,
add those lines to the .ui file (open it as text). Note that it's just a exemple.
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