Commit 35166787 authored by Arno Möller's avatar Arno Möller Committed by Urs Wolfer
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Don't close the remove view if preferences are not shown

The user already made it quite clear that he wants to open the
remove view if we're here, so don't close it again if he
selected not to show the preferences dialog which is an option
in the preferences dialog itself.

REVIEW: 128059
parent 511814f8
......@@ -299,10 +299,7 @@ void MainWindow::newConnection(const QUrl &newUrl, bool switchFullscreenWhenConn
// Configure the view
HostPreferences* prefs = view->hostPreferences();
if (! prefs->showDialogIfNeeded(this)) {
delete view;
view->showDotCursor(prefs->showLocalCursor() ? RemoteView::CursorOn : RemoteView::CursorOff);
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