Commit f4824d49 authored by Gabriel Souza Franco's avatar Gabriel Souza Franco Committed by Albert Astals Cid
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Fix access dates display

It is stored in seconds, not milliseconds

BUG: 458587
(cherry picked from commit 0ba2a5b7)
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......@@ -229,11 +229,11 @@ void RemoteDesktopsModel::buildModelFromBookmarkGroup(const KBookmarkGroup &grou
QDateTime created = QDateTime();
bool ok = false;
// first the created datetime
created = QDateTime::fromMSecsSinceEpoch(bm.metaDataItem(QLatin1String("time_added")).toLongLong(&ok));
created = QDateTime::fromSecsSinceEpoch(bm.metaDataItem(QLatin1String("time_added")).toLongLong(&ok));
if (ok) (newItem ? item : remoteDesktops[index]).created = created;
// then the last visited datetime
ok = false;
connected = QDateTime::fromMSecsSinceEpoch(bm.metaDataItem(QLatin1String("time_visited")).toLongLong(&ok));
connected = QDateTime::fromSecsSinceEpoch(bm.metaDataItem(QLatin1String("time_visited")).toLongLong(&ok));
if (ok) (newItem ? item : remoteDesktops[index]).lastConnected = connected;
// finally the visited count
ok = false;
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