Commit bf7e0cb9 authored by Robert Hoffmann's avatar Robert Hoffmann Committed by Albert Astals Cid
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Fix low quality connections

If you try to create a VNC remote connection with the "low quality" setting,
only a blue or black screen is shown. The reason is libvnc which does not
support tight encoding and 8 bits per pixel at the same time. Only 8 bpp
without tight encoding or tight encoding with 16 or 32 bpp is possible.

This patch removes tight encoding from low quality connection configuration.

(cherry picked from commit 7fce79ba)
parent d66ffeff
......@@ -208,7 +208,8 @@ rfbBool VncClientThread::newclient()
case RemoteView::Low:
case RemoteView::Unknown:
cl->appData.encodingsString = "copyrect tight zrle ultra zlib hextile corre rre raw";
// bpp8 and tight encoding is not supported in libvnc
cl->appData.encodingsString = "copyrect zrle ultra zlib hextile corre rre raw";
cl->appData.compressLevel = 9;
cl->appData.qualityLevel = 1;
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