Commit b13a8e96 authored by Alexey Min's avatar Alexey Min
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fix build warning in VirtualMonitorRfbServer

mark VirtualMonitorRfbServer:newClient() as oveeride

fixes warning:
krfb/main-virtualmonitor.cpp:67:23: warning:
 ‘virtual PendingRfbClient* VirtualMonitorRfbServer::newClient(rfbClientPtr)’
 can be marked override [-Wsuggest-override]
   67 |     PendingRfbClient *newClient(rfbClientPtr client) {
      |                       ^~~~~~~~~
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......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ QByteArray PendingVirtualMonitorRfbClient::password;
class VirtualMonitorRfbServer : public RfbServer
PendingRfbClient *newClient(rfbClientPtr client) {
PendingRfbClient *newClient(rfbClientPtr client) override {
qDebug() << "new client request";
return new PendingVirtualMonitorRfbClient(client, this);
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