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<release version="21.12" date="2021-12-07">
<p>NeoChat 21.12 brings lots of new features and fixes</p>
<li>Solved various problems related to login, logout and account switching</li>
<li>Fixed a few problems in the timeline layout</li>
<li>Added Spell checking while writing a message</li>
<li>Improved Settings pages</li>
<li>Many improvements to the android and general mobile support</li>
<li>Show blurhashes while images load</li>
<li>Support showing custom emojis</li>
<li>Added a global menu</li>
<li>Added support for spoilers</li>
<li>Added a quick switcher to switch between rooms</li>
<li>Added support for an optional fancy blur background effect</li>
<li>Resizable left and right drawers</li>
<li>Added Syntax highlighting in raw json messages</li>
<li>Better wayland support</li>
<li>Improved file reception and download</li>
<release version="1.2.0" date="2021-06-01">
<p>NeoChat 1.2 brings a major redesign of the user interface. The chat page is now using bubbles for the messages and the input component was completely rewritten with a nicer look as well.</p>
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