Commit 645ce610 authored by Urs Fleisch's avatar Urs Fleisch
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do not use ambigous Alt-A shortcut with KDE 4

parent 713d211b
......@@ -374,7 +374,11 @@ void Kid3App::initActions()
fileSave->KCM_setStatusTip(i18n("Saves the changed files"));
fileQuit->KCM_setStatusTip(i18n("Quits the application"));
editSelectAll->KCM_setStatusTip(i18n("Select all files"));
#if KDE_VERSION >= 0x035c00
editDeselect->KCM_setStatusTip(i18n("Deselect all files"));
settingsShortcuts->KCM_setStatusTip(i18n("Configure Shortcuts"));
settingsToolbars->KCM_setStatusTip(i18n("Configure Toolbars"));
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