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was generated by uic from id3form.ui, now normal file

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* \file id3form.h
* GUI for kid3, originally generated by QT Designer.
* \b Project: Kid3
* \author Urs Fleisch
* \date 8 Apr 2003
#ifndef ID3FORM_H
#define ID3FORM_H
#include <qvariant.h>
#include <qsplitter.h>
#include "filelist.h"
class QVBoxLayout;
class QGridLayout;
class QCheckBox;
class QComboBox;
class QGroupBox;
class QLabel;
class QLineEdit;
class QListBox;
class QListBoxItem;
class QPushButton;
class QSpinBox;
class QSplitter;
class QScrollView;
class QVBox;
class QHBox;
class StandardTags;
class Kid3ScrollView;
class id3Form : public QSplitter
id3Form(QWidget* parent = 0, const char* name = 0);
FileList *mp3ListBox;
QComboBox* genreV1ComboBox;
QComboBox* genreV2ComboBox;
QComboBox* formatComboBox;
QLineEdit* nameLineEdit;
QListBox* framesListBox;
public slots:
virtual void fromFilenameV1();
virtual void fromFilenameV2();
virtual void fromID3V2();
virtual void fromID3V1();
virtual void copyV1();
virtual void copyV2();
virtual void removeV2();
virtual void pasteV1();
virtual void pasteV2();
virtual void removeV1();
virtual void fileSelected(void);
virtual void getStandardTagsV1(StandardTags * st);
virtual void getStandardTagsV2(StandardTags * st);
virtual void setStandardTagsV1(const StandardTags * st);
virtual void setStandardTagsV2(const StandardTags * st);
virtual void setAllCheckBoxes(bool val);
virtual int numFilesSelected();
virtual void editFrame(void);
virtual void addFrame(void);
virtual void deleteFrame(void);
virtual void fnFromID3V1(void);
virtual void fnFromID3V2(void);
QGroupBox* filenameGroupBox;
QLabel* nameLabel;
QPushButton* fnV1Button;
QPushButton* fnV2Button;
QLabel* formatLabel;
QGroupBox* idV1GroupBox;
QLineEdit* albumV1LineEdit;
QPushButton* copyV1PushButton;
QPushButton* filenameV1PushButton;
QLineEdit* artistV1LineEdit;
QPushButton* removeV1PushButton;
QPushButton* pasteV1PushButton;
QCheckBox* albumV1CheckBox;
QCheckBox* yearV1CheckBox;
QLineEdit* titleV1LineEdit;
QSpinBox* yearV1SpinBox;
QCheckBox* trackV1CheckBox;
QSpinBox* trackV1SpinBox;
QPushButton* id3V1PushButton;
QCheckBox* titleV1CheckBox;
QCheckBox* genreV1CheckBox;
QCheckBox* commentV1CheckBox;
QCheckBox* artistV1CheckBox;
QLineEdit* commentV1LineEdit;
QGroupBox* idV2GroupBox;
QPushButton* copyV2PushButton;
QCheckBox* commentV2CheckBox;
QLineEdit* titleV2LineEdit;
QLineEdit* albumV2LineEdit;
QLineEdit* artistV2LineEdit;
QPushButton* pasteV2PushButton;
QCheckBox* genreV2CheckBox;
QLineEdit* commentV2LineEdit;
QPushButton* filenameV2PushButton;
QPushButton* removeV2PushButton;
QCheckBox* yearV2CheckBox;
QPushButton* id3V2PushButton;
QSpinBox* yearV2SpinBox;
QCheckBox* trackV2CheckBox;
QSpinBox* trackV2SpinBox;
QCheckBox* artistV2CheckBox;
QCheckBox* titleV2CheckBox;
QCheckBox* albumV2CheckBox;
QPushButton* editFramesPushButton;
QPushButton* framesAddPushButton;
QPushButton* deleteFramesPushButton;
QLabel* framesTextLabel;
Kid3ScrollView *scrollView;
QVBox* rightHalfVBox;
QHBox* trackV1HBox;
QHBox* trackV2HBox;
QVBox* frameButtonVBox;
QGridLayout* filenameGroupBoxLayout;
QGridLayout* idV1GroupBoxLayout;
QGridLayout* idV2GroupBoxLayout;
private slots:
void dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent * ev);
void dropEvent(QDropEvent * ev);
#endif // ID3FORM_H
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