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title: "Plasma Mobile at Akademy 2018"
created_at: 2018-08-21 19:39:00 UTC+1
author: Jonah Brüchert
layout: post
The Plasma Mobile team had a great time at the Akademy in Vienna, where we met some of the postmarketOS developers.
Oliver Smith (founder of postmarketOS) gave a talk on postmarketOS and Bhushan Shah presented the efforts of both communities to use the mainline kernel instead of Halium on more devices.
postmarketOS and KDE Neon was flashed to phones and apps and postmarketOS packages were improved during our hacking sessions.
In our BoF session, we discussed our biggest problems with other Plasma developers, and came to the following conclusions:
- We should start making proper releases, to make it easier for packagers to bring Plasma Mobile to the users.
Currently it is hard to know if the latest unreleased Plasma Mobile packages depend on an unreleased version of Plasma or not.
- Make it easier to develop apps for Plasma Mobile in an emulator
This would only require extending the qemu feature of postmarketOS' pmbootstrap for app deployment.
- Move kde configuration modules which are universal out of Plasma Desktop to make them available on Plasma Mobile
We still need to test which modules work fine on a mobile form factor, but we already know we can share e.g the locale module.
- We want to create a list of all apps that are compatible with Plasma Mobile, to make it easier to find out which apps they need to package
- Fix flatpaks in combination with libhybris
Currently flatpaks don't work with hardware accelerated graphics on libhybris based systems, since they don't include libhybris (which could be solved by a flatpak Platform extension) and don't have the permission to talk to the android services.
- We noticed we need to communicate more about our work.
Some people got the impression that Plasma Mobile wasn't progressing much, we want to prove the opposite! This post is the first part of making the plan reality.
- Bhushan Shah concluded that if we package the Maui Project's apps and write some basic apps that are still missing (like a timer application), Plasma Mobile could actually become usable as a daily driver!
If you want to help us on our journey to implement this years KDE goals, usablilty, privacy and an easy way to improve the software, in the mobile space, please join our [communication channels](, [find a task](, and start contributing!
<img alt="The postmarketOS/Plasma Mobile Team" src="/img/community-group-photo.jpg" width="40%">
<img alt="Plasma Mobile in Vienna" src="/img/plasma-mobile-in-vienna.jpg" width="40%">
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