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KDE Plasma/Qt Technology

Using the multi-platform toolkit Qt, the flexible extensions of KDE Frameworks plus the power of Plasma Shell, Plasma Mobile is built with technology which feels equally at home on the desktop and mobile devices.



KWin and Wayland

Wayland is the next-generation protocol for delivering cutting-edge interfaces which are silky smooth. KWin is the battle-tested window manager which implements Wayland, delivering a polished and reliable experience on both the desktop and mobile devices.

Making full use of Open Source

Plasma Mobile combines many powerful software tools from established projects to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The software chosen is reliable and of the highest quality, and we are proud to pass that quality to you and share the spotlight with these excellent projects.
libHybris provides ARM-driven graphics, DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) provides Intel graphics. Voicecall by NemoMobile is a quality Qt-driven dialer, Ofono provides our telephone solution, OHM allows us to track hardware status, Telepathy offers many communication utilities, and Pulseaudio drives the Plasma Mobile sound system.



Adapting to your needs

Being based on the most flexible desktop in the world means you can truely make your phone your own. Add and modify widgets, change colour schemes, fonts, and much, much more.