Commit 90ee780d authored by Marijn Kruisselbrink's avatar Marijn Kruisselbrink
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Save all vertical alignment values in the old kspread file format.

The old file format is still use for clipboard storage, so this bug
meant middle aligned formatting wasn't properly copy/pasted.

BUG: 335100
parent c0f3d629
......@@ -1499,7 +1499,7 @@ void Style::saveXML(QDomDocument& doc, QDomElement& format, const StyleManager*
if (keysToStore.contains(HorizontalAlignment) && halign() != HAlignUndefined)
format.setAttribute(type() == AUTO ? "align" : "alignX", (int) halign());
if (keysToStore.contains(VerticalAlignment) && valign() != Middle)
if (keysToStore.contains(VerticalAlignment) && valign() != VAlignUndefined)
format.setAttribute("alignY", (int) valign());
if (keysToStore.contains(BackgroundColor) && backgroundColor().isValid())
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