Commit a7636918 authored by José Luis Vergara's avatar José Luis Vergara
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Temporary bug fix of the Krita layerbox to let artists paint with the master branch

o Minimal bugfix, good for the user, but probably not correct from a coder's point of view.
o It will be replaced by a more correct bugfix later (unless this was actually the most correct way to fix it).
parent c9d83e92
......@@ -170,7 +170,8 @@ KisLayerBox::KisLayerBox()
m_nodeModel = new KisNodeModel(this);
// connect model updateUI() to enable/disable controls
connect(m_nodeModel, SIGNAL(nodeActivated(KisNodeSP)), SLOT(updateUI()));
// connect(m_nodeModel, SIGNAL(nodeActivated(KisNodeSP)), SLOT(updateUI())); NOTE: commented for temporary bug fix
connect(m_nodeModel, SIGNAL(nodeActivated(KisNodeSP)), SLOT(setCurrentNode(KisNodeSP))); // NOTE: temporary bug fix - Pentalis
connect(m_nodeModel, SIGNAL(rowsInserted(const QModelIndex&, int, int)), SLOT(updateUI()));
connect(m_nodeModel, SIGNAL(rowsRemoved(const QModelIndex&, int, int)), SLOT(updateUI()));
connect(m_nodeModel, SIGNAL(rowsMoved(const QModelIndex&, int, int, const QModelIndex&, int)), SLOT(updateUI()));
......@@ -270,6 +271,7 @@ void KisLayerBox::setCurrentNode(KisNodeSP node)
if (node) {
m_nodeManager->activateNode(node); // NOTE: temporary bug fix - Pentalis
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