Commit ff669f25 authored by Sune Vuorela's avatar Sune Vuorela
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make pasting from selection work in text tool.

BUG: 269608
REVIEW: 101845
parent a5be60f3
......@@ -721,8 +721,16 @@ void TextTool::mousePressEvent(KoPointerEvent *event)
if (event->button() == Qt::MidButton) // Paste
if (event->button() == Qt::MidButton) { // Paste
const QMimeData *data = QApplication::clipboard()->mimeData(QClipboard::Selection);
// on windows we do not have data if we try to paste this selection
if (data) {
m_prevCursorPosition =>position();>addCommand(new TextPasteCommand(QClipboard::Selection, this));
const QTextCursor TextTool::cursor()
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