Commit 0a64d08f authored by Christian Dávid's avatar Christian Dávid
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Renamed "Turkish Lira (new)" (TRY) to "Turkish Lira"

Also the "Turkish Lira" (ISO 4217: TRL) was renamed to
"Turkish Lira (old)". The "new" lira was introduced 2005, 9 years ago.
parent 860579ef
......@@ -1627,7 +1627,7 @@ void KMyMoneyView::loadDefaultCurrencies(void)
loadDefaultCurrency(MyMoneySecurity("TOP", i18n("Tongan Pa'anga")), create);
loadDefaultCurrency(MyMoneySecurity("TTD", i18n("Trinidad and Tobago Dollar"), "$"), create);
loadDefaultCurrency(MyMoneySecurity("TND", i18n("Tunisian Dinar"), "TND", 1000, 1000), create);
loadDefaultCurrency(MyMoneySecurity("TRY", i18n("Turkish Lira (new)"), QChar(0x20BA)), create);
loadDefaultCurrency(MyMoneySecurity("TRY", i18n("Turkish Lira"), QChar(0x20BA)), create);
loadDefaultCurrency(MyMoneySecurity("TMM", i18n("Turkmenistan Manat")), create);
loadDefaultCurrency(MyMoneySecurity("USD", i18n("US Dollar"), "$"), create);
loadDefaultCurrency(MyMoneySecurity("UGX", i18n("Uganda Shilling")), create);
......@@ -1699,7 +1699,7 @@ void KMyMoneyView::loadAncientCurrencies(void)
loadAncientCurrency("SIT", i18n("Slovenian Tolar"), "SIT", QDate(2006, 12, 31), MyMoneyMoney(100, 23964), "EUR");
// Source:
loadAncientCurrency("TRL", i18n("Turkish Lira"), "TL", QDate(2004, 12, 31), MyMoneyMoney(1, 1000000), "TRY");
loadAncientCurrency("TRL", i18n("Turkish Lira (old)"), "TL", QDate(2004, 12, 31), MyMoneyMoney(1, 1000000), "TRY");
// Source:
loadAncientCurrency("MTL", i18n("Maltese Lira"), "MTL", QDate(2008, 1, 1), MyMoneyMoney(429300, 1000000), "EUR");
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