Commit 138a8629 authored by Thomas Baumgart's avatar Thomas Baumgart
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BUG: 305182

Use the same logic for sub-accounts as for main accounts when
they are closed but should be shown in the account selection process.
parent 27285f00
......@@ -436,8 +436,10 @@ int AccountSet::loadSubAccounts(kMyMoneyAccountSelector* selector, QTreeWidgetIt
if (acc.isInvest() && !KMyMoneyGlobalSettings::expertMode())
if (includeAccount(acc)
&& !acc.isClosed()) {
//this will include an account if it matches the account type and
//if it is still open or it has been set to show closed accounts
if (includeAccount(acc)
&& (!isHidingClosedAccounts() || !acc.isClosed())) {
QString tmpKey;
tmpKey = key + MyMoneyFile::AccountSeperator +;
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